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Sordid Lives - Soundtrack

Song List:
1. Sordid Lives (Olivia Newton-John)
2. Opening (George S Clinton)
3. Trash Talk (Delta Burke, Beth Grant)
4. Better A Painful Ending Than An Endless Pain
(Bobbie Eakes with the doo wah riders)
5. Blue Country (George S Clinton)
6. Tallywhacker Talk/Mano A Mano
(Bonnie Bedelia, Beth Grant, Kirk Geiger,
George S Clinton)
7. Truth Talk (Bonnie Bedelia, Ann Walker)
8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
(Olivia Newton-John)
9. Ty's Theme (George S Clinton)
10. Someone To Grow Young With (Kacey Jones)
11. No Fault Love (Kacey Jones)
12. Shit Talk (Beau Bridges, Earl H Bullock)
13. Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood
(J Scott Jones with the doo wah riders)
14. Cheatin' (Newell Alexander)
15. Break-Out Talk/Escape (Newell Alexander,
Leslie Jordan, Rosemary Alexander,
Mitch Carter, Mary Margaret Lewis,
George S Clinton)
16. Please Don't Be Gay (Sharron Alexis)
17. Mother Son Talk (Kirk Geiger, Bonnie Bedelia)
18. Coming Home (Olivia Newton-John)
19. In Daddy's Eyes (George S Clinton)
20. Tex-Mex (George S Clinton)
21. Funeral Talk (Olivia Newton-John)
22. Just As I Am (Olivia Newton-John)
23. Transvestite Talk (Ann Walker, Beth Grant,
Bonnie Bedelia, Kirk Geiger, Beau Bridges,
Leslie Jordan, Olivia Newton-John)
24. Just As I Am -conclusion
(Olivia Newton-John)
25. Mama Talk (Leslie Jordan)
26. Sordid Lives - reprise (Olivia Newton-John)
27. Trust Yourself (Olivia Newton-John)