Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre Appeal

Olivia's personal victory against cancer led her to announce her partnership with the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre and the creation of the “Olivia Newton-John Cancer And Wellness Centre” (ONJCC) on the Austin Campus in her hometown, Melbourne, Australia. The ONJCC will provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities for cancer treatment, education, training and research.

The Amazon Herb Company

Now all of your favorite Amazon Herb products are available on TriVita.com. Formulated with prized ingredients from the rainforest, our Amazon Herb line of nutritional and skin care products can help you experience greater wellness!

Gaia Resort And Spa

Nestled amongst green valleys and undulating hills in the subtropical Byron Bay hinterland near Bangalow, Gaia Retreat and Spa is the ideal place to renew, refresh, and restore your mind, body and soul. Gaia is all about choice; you choose and we’ll help you design your own personal experience - whether it is active and energetic or tranquil and serene.
Gaia Resort and Spa

The LIV Aid for self breast exam

Olivia is committed to the development, manufacture and distribution of the Liv Breast Self-Examination Aid to assist women with the first step to early detection.


"If you want to make a change in life - whether it's to lose weight, whether it's to get strong, whether it's to just lean out - whatever you want to do, the Total Gym can satisfy all of those things" - Olivia Newton-John


The goals of the "PB42" events are to raise awareness and funds for both breast and prostate cancer research, and to link the striking similarities between the two cancers.

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Aceer Foundation

The mission of the ACEER Foundation is to promote conservation of the Peruvian Amazon by fostering awareness, understanding, action, and transformation. This is achieved by initiating environmental education programs, supporting basic and applied research, and protecting unique tracts of land.

Brett Goldsmith Music
Check out Brett's CD on iTunes

New music from Olivia's nephew, Brett Goldsmith.

Every now and then a new artist comes along who causes you to wonder where he has been all your life. The songs talk you in a language you understand and the voice singing them seems immediately familiar. Brett Goldsmith is one such artist.

Healing Quest TV Show PBS

Olivia co-hosts Healing Quest - seen on PBS stations across the country. Healing Quest is the only weekly national TV series focused entirely on the latest in integrative health and natural approaches to total well-being.

Koala Blue Wines

Koala Blue, founded in 1983 by Olivia Newton-John & Pat Farrar, includes a range of unique “Australiana” products. Koala Blue Wines take this concept a step further with wines that are distinctly Australian, distinctly Koala Blue.

Be So Do So Clothing

Olivia loves these tee shirts that inspire the truth in all of us and share the positive side of life with a little humor - Check them out!

Healthy Chiild Healthy World

Olivia has served as National Spokesperson for Children's Health Environmental Coalition, which is now Healthy Child Healthy World. It's mission is to inform parents and all those concerned with the welfare of children about preventable health and development problems caused by exposures to toxic substances.


Your daily guide to helping the planet! Planet Ark's aim is to show people and business the many ways that they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment.

Amy Sky - Singer Producer

Amy Sky produced and co-wrote Olivia's acclaimed Grace and Gratitude Renewed CD.  They also collaborated on the original Grace and Gratitude, Christmas Wish, A Celebration In Song and Stronger Than Before.

MAC Cosmetic logowww.maccosmetics.com

Thanks to MAC Cosmetics for providing some of my makeup for "Summer Nights!"