Grace and Gratitude Renewed cover

Grace and Gratitude Renewed

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01. Shekhinah (Interlude)
02. Pearls On A Chain
03. Yesod (Interlude)
04. To Be Wanted (featuring Mark Masri)
05. Hod (Interlude)
06. Learn To Love Yourself
07. Nezah (Interlude)
08. Grace And Gratitude
09. Tiferet (Interlude)
10. Love Is Letting Go Of Fear
11. Hesed-Gevurah (Interlude)
12. Gaté Gaté
13. Tala'al Badru 'Alayna (Interlude)
14. Let Go Let God
15. Binah (Interlude)
16. I Will Lift Up My Eyes (featuring Amy Sky)
17. Todah (Interlude) (featuring David Darling)
18. Help Me To Heal
19. Hochmah (Interlude)
20. The Power Of Now
21. Keter (Interlude)
22. Instrument Of Peace (featuring Marc Jordan)