Grace and Gratitude cover


Olivia Newton-John - Grace and Gratitude

This "healing" CD is part of the launch of  Olivia's signature line of mind, body and spirit wellness products for women.

You can purchase this CD here on the site at the online store or download from the Apple iTunes store (link above).

The CD was recorded in Toronto, Canada with Amy Sky who also produced and co-wrote the CD. Olivia has worked in the past with Amy.  Most recently they collaborated on songs together for the Stonger Than Before CD.

Grace and Gratitude

Song List and samples

Shekhinah (instrumental interlude)
Pearls on a chain
Yesod (instrumental interlude)
To be wanted
Hod(instrumental interlude)
Learn to Love Yourself
Nezah (instrumental interlude)
Grace and Gratitude
Tiferet (instrumental interlude)
Love is letting go of fear
Hesed-gevurah (instrumental interlude)
Gate gate
Tala al badru alayna (instrumental interlude)
Let go let god
Binah (instrumental interlude)
I will lift up my eyes
Hochmah (instrumental interlude)
The power of now
Keter (instrumental interlude)
Instrument of peace

Note from Amy Sky about the CD (Aug 27 2006):

"This CD has been an amazing journey for both of us. It came together quite quickly, and easily. It is a creative dream come true for both of us - something we have both independently wanted to create for years, so it was natural to do it together!

It is a CD created for relaxation and meditation. Olivia and I wrote six of the ten songs together, and I created the other four for her, and then produced the record. There are also ten instrumental tracks linking the songs, for a bit more than an hour of continuous music.

The lyrics were inspired by the sacred truths of the chakras - ancients wisdoms associated with the seven levels of energy in the body. The ideas were inspired by as well the writing of Deepak Chopra and Carolyn Myss. The whole album was recorded in Toronto, where I live. The music incorporates chants, prayers and instruments from many different cultures and religions. One of the stand out tracks is a reworking of Instrument Of Peace, the well known prayer by St Francis of Assisi. Olivia has already begun closing her live show with that song.

We have drawn on both of our personal experiences with spirituality and the healing arts, in order to create something that we hope speaks to people's minds, bodies and spirits- but especially to the listener's heart.Olivia is an amazingly generous person, as a friend and as a performer, and I think you will agree, when you hear it, her beauty shines through on this work!

I've read some of the fans' comments on the chat room on Only Olivia - and I'm pleased so many fans are familiar with the kind of collaborations, like Serenity, and Under The Skin, we have done in the past. This album is very much in that vein.

Though the inspiration for the song lyrics are the chakras, musically the album is very accessible and a natural evolution of Olivia's sound. If people want to learn more about the sacred truths of the chakras, they will be able to read about it eventually on Olivia's website - but for now they can go to the chakra page at

The mind-body connection is fascinating - and though you don't need to know about it in order to enjoy the record, it will take the listening experience to another level if you do!

If you read my website, you can see I have been writing for myself and others for many many years, and I have to say I have never been more excited about a project than this one!