The Styx has been saved! UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has just given Tasmania's Styx forest the highest level of environmental protection.

Along with the Southern Forests, the Florentine and the Great Western Tiers, the Styx has now become part of Tasmania's World Heritage Area. This is a great outcome for these beautiful old growth forests. Some of the trees grow up to 90 metres tall and are hundreds of years old. It's a beautiful place that is now protected from logging.

In 2002, Jon Dee and I ran a national campaign to protect the Styx forest and the wildlife that lives there. You can see how beautiful the forest is in this video that we did back then:

It's an exciting outcome for the many people who have campaigned for decades to protect these wonderful forests of Australia. More still needs to be done in protecting our forests, but this is wonderful an empowering news that we can all celebrate.

Thank you to my friend Jon Dee for all your leadership and help!

Love and light,

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