Meet & Greet policies for LIV ON concerts

There will be Meet & Greet opportunities at upcoming Olivia Newton-John concerts.

Meet & Greet opportunities will be limited to 40 participants per concert, offered on a "first come, first served" basis.

The cost will be $50 and will include a pre-signed CD and a photo op with Olivia at the M&G. Once the pre-autographed CDs are sold, the M&G will not accept additional participants. No exceptions.

The pre-autographed CDs will be available at the Venue’s Merchandise Table or Booth. Meet & Greet packages will be available for purchase after the doors open. The post-show M&G location will be shared at the point of sale.

One participant will be admitted per sale. As a “good neighbor” policy, please keep in mind if you buy extra autographed CDs, that will be a spot another fan won’t have available to participate in the M&G. There will be unsigned CDs available at the concert for purchase.

The M&G will follow a strict policy of NO AUTOGRAPHS. It will be photo only. Personal CDs, albums, photos, dolls, books, etc should not be brought to the show. They will not be signed.

Use of personal cameras and cell phones will not be permitted at the M&G. A staff photographer will be on site and will take all the photos.

A card will be given to each person who buys a pre-autographed CD that provides a website address where the photos can be accessed for download. The photos will be available within a week at this link -

There is no additional cost to download a photo. The info card and pre-signed CD is required to be presented before a photo is taken.

There will be additional merchandise (t-shirts, etc…) to purchase at the concerts.

Note: Fan Meet & Greets will not be offered for purchase at the April 23 show in The Villages, FL.