Olivia Newton-John

From Olivia:

I am so proud to post this article on the amazing work being done at the ONJCWRC in Melbourne Australia.

Here's an excerpt:

"The email Steven Jones-Evans sent his doctor began like this: “Andrew, I’ve been telling strangers in the street. Service-station attendants have become my best friends. I’ve hugged petulant next-door neighbours and small dogs. The whole gamut of humanity looks so beautiful and real today. The only thing I haven’t done is punch the air: best left to tennis players and white rap artists …”

"Jones-Evans, 58, is one of the Australian film industry’s leading production designers: his credits include Romper Stomper, Ned Kelly and, more recently, The Railway Man, starring Nicole Kidman. The recipient of the email, Andrew Weickhardt, 38, is an oncologist and senior researcher at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Both men were giddy with elation that day in July last year: Weickhardt confesses that in the privacy of his home, he did punch the air. When Jones-Evans came to see him at the cancer centre, he adds, “it was high-fives and big hugs”.

"Among those who wandered into the consultation room to join the celebration was Jonathan Cebon, the centre’s medical director. He had long been excited about immunotherapy, a new form of cancer treatment that mobilises a person’s immune system to fight the disease, but he recalls reflecting as he looked over Weickhardt’s shoulder at the scans displayed on the computer screen that its potential was almost unlimited. “The way cancer medicine is practised from now on is going to be profoundly influenced by this science,” Cebon says. “It genuinely is a game-changer.”

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